Color, shape, light & shadow

Stephan Mundi always evokes an emotion, no matter what medium he is dealing with. However, this feeling remains intrinsic and it does not have to be identical to the emotional state of the artist during the creative process.

If the recipient gets fully involved with what is being shown and opens up, a satisfying and soulful enjoyment of art is always guaranteed.

The artist achieves this by subconsciously working with antagonisms, color and form, light and shadow, quiet and rebellious and loud passages. Mundi's way of working creates micro- and macro-events on the canvas, which each viewer can traverse with their eyes at their own pace.

In this way, Mundi always achieves a coherent but never closed visual effect.

Arthistorian Dietmar H. Kroepel

"COMPOSITION III XXIVI", Acrylic on paper, 64 x 50 cm, 02/2024