Welcome to my website "stephanmundi.com".

In 2017 I discovered my love for abstract acrylic painting. Working with brushes, spatula, colors and canvas puts me in a creative, even meditative state that awakens the feelings of joy and contentment.

as an artist, i do not commit myself to any style, do not pursue a goal and do not want to express any opinions or views. my abstract / experimental pictures are inspired by the works of gerhard richter, matisse, bacon or mondrian. I would like to remain versatile in my work and will use different techniques in the future to be able to create a wide and varied spectrum of paintings.

I hope my work pleases my visitors and I look forward seeing you again on my website.

stephan mundi

upcoming exhibitions:

ROMANTICA 2021 - Shape of my art


International Contemporary Art exhibition (group)
April, 23 - May, 2 2021

Abstraktes Malen in Acryl

hochwertige künstlerfarben, 100% baumwoll-leinwand


Künstler Maler Art

acrylic paintings


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